UNISON Wales welcomes investment for young people

UNISON welcomes the recent proposal from the Welsh Labour government that a further £12.5 million should be invested in the Jobs Growth Wales programme to create an additional 4,000 job opportunities for 16-24 year olds.

Young people are being adversely affected by the UK government austerity agenda, with over a million young people out of work, education or training. The commitment from the Welsh government to boost opportunities for young people in Wales will go some way to reverse this growing trend.

Ryan Williams, UNISON organiser for young people in Wales, said: ”The current UK government agenda is not providing jobs and opportunities for young people. It’s disgraceful and we are facing the very real possibility of a lost generation of talent.

“We know that young people need better job, education and training opportunities to help our economic recovery, and this must form a part of any government’s agenda. We are pleased that the Welsh government recognises this.

“Young people across the UK deserve better and should not be dumped on the scrap heap before they have not even been given a chance, particularly when we know that this austerity agenda is an ideological one,” he added.

“As always, UNISON would welcome the opportunity to work with the Welsh government and other employers throughout Wales to put these proposals into practice.

“Through this agenda, we will build our communities, society and economy for tomorrow as well as today and hopefully prevent losing a generation to this UK-wide austerity programme.”