UNISON condemns Westminster Tories over Cardiff cuts

UNISON is calling on users of Cardiff Council services to look to Westminster when looking for the reason behind this week’s budget announcements.

UNISON regional organiser Steve Belcher said: ”The vicious neo cons in the Conservative Party in Westminster, supported by their lackies in the Liberal Democrats, are responsible for the most orchestrated, sustained attacks on the public sector that we have ever seen.

“To continue stating that they are the party for ‘hard-working people’ is an insult to everyone who struggles to pay their bills and feed their families.

“It should be a national embarrassment that here in Wales’s capital city, food banks are being established because the ‘hard-working families’ that Cameron pretends to support do not have enough money to feed their children.”

And Mr Belcher continued: “This budget will be yet another step towards the Tories’ long term aim of wiping out local government and all the valuable services that they deliver.

“The fact that they are getting Labour-run authorities to deliver their radical agenda will be a bitter pill for our members to swallow.

“UNISON members do not only deliver the services that will be facing these devastating cuts, but are also rate payers who receive the services.

“Our members can be assured that we will not support any compulsory redundancies or attempts to privatise our members’ jobs.

“If thousands of public-sector workers are thrown out of work, it will be a short-term fix for a long-term problem. If these people are out of work they will not be paying tax, they will be claiming benefits, and they certainly will not have any money to spend in the shops, bars and restaurants in the city. This will have a catastrophic effect on the local economy.

“We will be seeking a meeting with council leaders at the earliest opportunity to discuss the implications of the budget announcement. When essential services are cut back to the bone or scrapped, we do fear civil unrest as more misery is piled on top of the misery that already exists.,” concluded Mr Belcher.

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