UNISON submits response to working longer review

UNISON has submitted a response to the Working Longer Review, the review undertaken by NHS employers, NHS unions and health department representatives into the impact on NHS staff of working to an increased pension age.

In addition to a response specifically addressing the concerns of our members, the union collaborated with other NHS trade unions to produce a joint staff side response as well.

The changes to the Pensions Act 2013 mean that up to 70% of existing staff will have to work for between one and three years longer.

Earlier this summer, the NHS Working Longer Review made a public call for evidence to help inform thinking about the opportunities and challenges facing the service and staff by working longer, to which UNISON has responded.

That response highlights the extreme concern that working until 68 will have a negative impact on the health of NHS staff, and the union has recommended that this situation receive continual monitoring.

UNISON submission to the review

UNISON staff side working longer review survey results