UNISON and Beaumont Healthcare announce new partnership

UNISON Cambridgeshire county branch and Beaumont Healthcare Ltd have announced a new local working partnership agreement to improve service and encourage union participation.

The agreement includes regular formal meetings between Beaumont management and UNISON, the inclusion of UNISON membership forms and literature in packs given to new staff and UNISON’s participation in workplace staff meetings.

Daniel Sly, UNISON branch organiser, said: “This is great news for our established UNISON members within Beaumont Healthcare and other staff who may like to join.

“The private care industry is being hit quite dramatically with government cuts and we want to do everything we possibly can to support members in the workplace. There has been an increase in workloads as well as work place stress and, with the influx of European workers, communication between staff and management can sometimes be problematic.

“UNISON can act as a go-between in these circumstances and help to improve service. We hope that by developing this new local working partnership we can encourage union participation, and at the same time contribute to the business of Beaumont Healthcare in a positive way for all.”

Hetty Griffiths, general manager for Beaumont Healthcare, said: “Unlike some companies we see increasing union membership as a positive development rather than some form of threat. UNISON can help to improve communication between staff and management and that can only be good for the people who really matter in all of this – the vulnerable people who our carers look after.”