Stirling action against pay cuts

Local government workers in Stirling, Scotland, will start their latest round of strike action against draconian cuts to pay and conditions next Monday.

UNISON has formally notified Stirling council that selective action involving a group of IT workers will start on Monday 16 September and last for a week.

The selective action follows a one-day all out strike action on Monday 26 August.

“Members are protesting against the imposition of changes to pay and terms and conditions, which the council says it must make,” says Stirling UNISON branch secretary Lorraine Thomson.

“However, the council has plans to increase its reserves at the same time as cutting our members’ terms and conditions by 4.5%.

“Some of our members could lose more than £130 a month,” added Ms Thomson: “The council can afford to withdraw these draconian cuts.”

A recent survey of members working for Stirling saw 98% say they were bullied and intimidated by a council a letter asking them to sign new contracts.

“Following legal advice, we advised our members to sign, stating they were doing so under protest/duress to protect their jobs,” added Ms Thomson.

“Our commitment to our members in facing this imposition is absolute and we are proceeding with further industrial action as mandated by the members.”

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