Get planning for the October recruitment campaign

Autumn will mark the next big push for recruitment in regions and branches across UNISON.

October will see every region working with local branches to get out and about, using the Essential Cover message to make sure all non-members are asked to join UNISON.

We need every branch to get involved, so if you haven’t yet agreed a recruitment plan, get in touch with your regional organiser to make sure your branch is part of the activity.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “This year has shown that when this union really puts its energies into recruitment, we can turn things around. We all know these are tough times, but that makes it even more important that we explain to all non-members how a union can support them.

“The two major recruitment initiatives we ran in March and May this year have boosted our recruitment. So far, recruitment since March is 30 per cent higher than over the same period last year – that’s massive – but we can do better.

“Another big push in the Autumn will mean even more new recruits and a stronger union.”

UNISON will be running television advertising from 23 September to 16 November and running adverts in the Metros nationwide during October and November. Online adverts linked to search words will also run throughout this period.

Once again, the aim is to have national advertising underpinning co-ordinated local recruitment and organising initiatives, with organisers and activists working together to make sure UNISON is visible in every workplace.

Get your branch equipped

 Don’t forget, there’s a full range of materials available for branches to order to support local recruitment activity, as well as ways to customise leaflets to your workplace.

To order from the UNISON online publicity catalogue:

  • Essential cover if you work in public services (integrated recruitment leaflet/application form), stock no 1088
  • Branch version (provided flat for branches to overprint their address), stock no 3221
  • Essential cover for your everyday life (membership services leaflet), stock no 0711
  • Essential cover if you work in public services A3 poster, stock no 3217
  • Essential cover if you work in public services A4 poster, stock no 3218
  • Essential cover wherever you work (aimed at staff in private companies and voluntary sector), leaflet, stock no 3216
  • Wherever you work poster, A3, stock no 3231
  • Wherever you work poster, A4, stock no 3230
  • Large noticeboard header, stock no 3214
  • Small noticeboard header, stock no 3217
  • Stickers (16 per sheet), stock no 3222


Please note, materials are also available in Welsh and Irish Gaelic.

Online catalogue

Customise your publicity to make it local

If you want a branch version of the recruitment leaflet, you can use our online print service.

UNISON’s online print service

You’ll need to register if you haven’t already, but you can use our online templates to produce professional-looking materials with your branch name, information and contact details. Normally there is a charge for this service, but for this campaign, customised versions of the recruitment leaflets are free.

You can also use this service to order a branch pull-up stand with your local details included, for just £150.

Promotional and display materials

 We’ve arranged a special deal with a supplier to provide a recruitment display kit using the Essential Cover livery at a fair cost to UNISON branches.

A set, comprising a pull-up display stand, leaflet rack and counter unit will cost £395 from Blue Creation. It’s a sure-fire way to get your branch noticed in the workplace and ensure you have an eye-catching and professional display which is easy to carry and assemble.

Contact or call 01733 244 065 and ask about the UNISON Essential Cover recruitment display kit.

TC Advertising are the only firm licensed by UNISON to produce general promotional items for branches using the union’s corporate identity. They can provide a very wide range of items such as badges, post-it notes, mugs, T shirts, stress toys etc using the Essential Cover design. You can add your branch logo if you want to on most items.  Contact them on, call 01844 275 700 or email