No salvation shown to charity workers who face pay cuts and poverty line

UNISON has condemned The Salvation Army’s plans to cut the pay and service conditions of workers caring for people in hostels for the homeless, bringing significant hardship to many.

The charity is to implement the contractual changes in October 2013 and says they are making them to secure future contracts paid for by the Supporting People Grant. UNISON finds this unacceptable and is inviting The Salvation Army to meaningful talks to explore alternatives.

UNISON West Midlands regional organiser Andrew Johnson, said: “The Salvation Army is bringing in regional pay. These changes will result in workers doing the same job in different areas of the country for different levels of pay, which in itself is unfair. However, it is aiming to achieve this by implementing severe cuts to pay and service conditions without properly considering the effects on its own workforce and the services it provides to vulnerable people locally.

“The charity says the changes are to secure future contracts for homeless services paid for by the Supporting People Grant. The irony is that the impact of these cuts upon its own staff will put many on the poverty line and some at risk of losing their own homes.

“We are inviting The Salvation Army to enter into meaningful talks to look at alternatives to these unacceptable pay cuts.”

UNISON has produced a leaflet which explains the detail and the impact these cuts will have and will be distributing it to local politicians and members of The Salvation Army Church asking for their support.

The Salvation Army runs hostels in Birmingham, Coventry and Stoke within the West Midlands Region.

Download the leaflet Let Down by the Charity that Cares for People in Desperate Need [PDF].