Four Seasons pay offer

Following a consultation with UNISON and other trade unions, Four Seasons management have made a pay offer for 2013 that is slightly higher than the current 1% pay award for NHS staff.

The basic principle of the offer is that the pay rise would be 1.5% on existing pay effective from October 2013.

For those on national minimum wage the requirement is to increase by the national minimum wage figure – from £6.19 to £6.31 – which is a 1.9% rise.

At UNISON, our aim is to challenge low pay and we will continue to do so, on your behalf.

We are also ensuring protection of the hourly rate which guarantees the continuation of work permits for migrant workers.

UNISON is also committed to campaigning for a living wage rather than a minimum wage for all our members. The current situation falls way short of this. However, we will continue to pursue this aim with your employer.

The more members we have and the more activists we have in each Four Seasons home, the stronger we will be at the negotiating table.

Representatives will be visiting your workplace in the next two weeks to consult with you on the above pay offer and to listen to your views.

This is an opportunity for you as a union member to tell us what you think about the pay offer.

Posters detailing the dates and times of the meetings will be put up on your workplace notice boards prior to our visits.

We encourage all UNISON members to make every effort to attend these meetings.

All in all, UNISON recommends acceptance of the offer from Four Seasons.