Now is the time to join UNISON, child care workers told

It is more important than ever for child care workers to join a union, says UNISON Northern Ireland organiser Susan Neill.

“With growing government cuts affecting the lowest paid and most vulnerable in society, it is important that child-care workers join a union and organise in order to achieve better working conditions and the wages they deserve,” says Ms Neil.

“UNISON vows to help child care workers attain these goals.”

UNISON represents a range of employees in the education sector, including classroom assistants, school meals staff, school cleaners, bus drivers and others.

“If child-care workers speak to their colleagues who are already in UNISON”, says Ms Neill, “they will hear that we provide support, guidance, representation and legal advice for all our members on a wide range of issues.”

The union also provides an education programme which is free for all members.

“We offer a range of courses that are advantageous for child-care workers,” explains Ms Neill.

“Members in child care can learn visual strategies for dealing with children and young people with autism. We also suggest our courses on desktop publishing, suicide awareness and positive behavioural support, for those in the child care sector.

“As well as that, we offer courses that can benefit child-care workers in their everyday lives outside of the working environment.

“They can raise their self-belief on our Building confidence for women course and manage their stress better on our Dealing with stress course.

“Our courses are all taught by professionals and have been positively received in the past, particularly our Power of positive thinking class”.
Child care members who wish to join UNISON, or are considering joining a union, are encouraged to contact Susan Neill on 07876833221 or email

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