Jobless Figures UNISON reaction

UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis said:
“Whilst any drop in unemployment is welcome, the overall picture is still gloomy.  And underlying figures show just how badly the UK is faring. There are far too many people out of work; women and long-term unemployed are particularly badly affected and public sector jobs are being slashed.  
“Local government has been one of the areas  hardest hit by the Government’s austerity agenda. And while all these job losses are personal tragedies, they also mean that people who rely on services will find them getting scarcer and scarcer.  The impact on local economies is dire.
“None of this bodes well for the economy.  There are still nearly one million young people out of work . Many more will be leaving schools, colleges and universities in the next month looking for their first job.  What sort of future can they look forward to?  The Government must change tack and offer them real hope and real jobs.”