Scottish local government pay talks due

Pay talks between Scottish local government unions and employers are due to take place tomorrow, 5 February.

UNISON local government branches meeting on 1 February heard that talks on 24 January brought no progress – but, with further talks scheduled for 5 February, decided to reconvene after that to hear a report on any progress before deciding the way forward.

Branch after branch reported their members’ growing anger at the attackes on living standards.

On the table at the moment is an offer of 1% from 1 April, plus a guaranteed minimum wage matching living wage of £7.50 an hour from 1 Aprilr.

UNISON Scotland local government chair Stephanie Herd commented: “While the living wage element is welcome, the offer falls below what is needed to keep pace with inflation.

“Local government workers have gone through a pay freeze at a time when inflation averaged 5%, food prices have been going up by 7% a year and energy prices by 15%.”