Get geared up

Branches need to start gearing up now for four weeks of intensive recruitment activity on 11 March.

Every region is implementing detailed recruitment strategies, which will coincide with a major national advertising campaign on television, in national and local newspapers, online and on social media.

There will be new recruitment materials and new members’ packs developed to welcome our new recruits.

You can now start ordering new recruitment material, including:

  • integrated recruitment leaflet and application form – stock 1088;
  • A4 recruitment poster – stock 3218;
  • A3 recruitment poster – stock 3217;
  • there will also be Welsh language and Northern Ireland specific materials.

Keep an eye out for details and more information in future editions of eFocus, the website and our sister print publication inFocus.

In the meantime, your branch might want to consider:

  • talking to your regional organiser about the regional strategy and how you can be involved;
  • developing a branch recruitment plan;
  • order our new materials as they become available, to help you recruit.