UNISON membership and the EDL, SDL and WDL

EFocus 252, dated 24 September 2012, contained advice on membership of far-right parties and UNISON membership. Read the advice here http://www.unison.org.uk/efocus/news_view.asp?did=8093.

In line with the UNISON rule book, the national executive council has considered this matter further. The NEC meeting on 5 December 2012 agreed that membership of, or support for, the English, Welsh and Scottish Defence Leagues is incompatible with UNISON membership, under rules C5.2 and I3.

It is important that branches follow appropriate steps when faced with members or potential members who they feel may be in breach of either of these rules.

Branches must take no action without speaking to their region first.

This is particularly important in relation to rule C5.5, which states:

“Where the branch has reason to believe an applicant may be ineligible for membership, the applicant shall be given notice in writing by the branch secretary of the proposal to exclude or expel him/her and the reasons for that proposal; the individual will be given a fair opportunity to make representations in respect of that proposal, and those representations will be considered fairly.”

Branches should collate and provide all available information and evidence concerning alleged membership of, or participation in activities of, a named organisation to their region.

Regions will seek constitutional advice from UNISON centre to ensure consistency of approach and advice on next steps under the UNISON rule book.

For more information contact Liane Venner at l.venner@unison.co.uk