University workers celebrate early rise in Living Wage

Workers employed by Balfour Beatty Workplace (BBW) at the University of London are celebrating an unexpected bonus in their Christmas pay packets today, after the University of London agreed to pay the next increase in the London Living Wage now.

The company could have waited to introduce the rise until April 2013, but after developing its relationship with UNISON, decided to do so now.

The deal means that cleaners, porters and security staff at the university – its lowest-paid workers – will receive an extra 25p an hour, backdated to the start of November, in this month’s pay.

The news follows hard on the heels of the implementation of the London Living Wage for all outsourced staff in July, which gave the lowest-paid workers a pay rise of 35%.

Branch secretary Josephine Grahl said: “Paying the London Living Wage uplift now will make a significant difference to some of our lowest-paid workers.

“This decision comes after months of hard work by UNISON’s negotiating team and over a year of partnership between ourselves and BBW.

“We will keep fighting for a fair deal for outsourced workers, but this represents a huge step.”

BBW general manager Peter Brench added: “BBW signed the recognition agreement with UNISON because we believe it is always best to hold structured and progressive talks to align requirements and negotiate solutions.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the London Living Wage uplift immediately, and hope that our constructive relationship with UNISON can continue for the benefit of all who work at the University of London.”

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