UNISON responds to Jeremy Hunt’s comments on NHS staff

Responding to the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt’s, comments on NHS staff, UNISON head of health, Christina McAnea, said:

“Every patient deserves the best possible care at all times, and when things go wrong, we must learn every possible lesson.

“By only condemning NHS staff, Jeremy Hunt is missing the point. If he really cares about patients, he must stop his government’s wasteful top down re-organisation of the NHS and tell Chancellor George Osborne to cease his demands for £20 billion in so-called efficiency savings. This would give staff and managers the time and money to get on with the job of caring for patients.

“All across the country, staff are losing their jobs, wards are closing and waiting lists are growing. Patient satisfaction has fallen.

“The appalling incidents at Winterbourne View were a classic case of profits before patients. And as the Tory health reforms throw the doors of our NHS wide open to private companies, it is an attitude that will spread like a virulent disease through our NHS.

“Instead of attacking staff, Jeremy Hunt must emphasise his commitment to an NHS, run for patients, not for profits.”