UNISON slates energy company profits as bills rise

The £400 million half-year profits announced by energy company SSE have been branded obscene as thousands of families struggle in the face of a 9% bill increase.

The UK’s largest union has accused energy companies of exploiting the basic human need for warmth to line the pockets of shareholders, and called ‘price cap promises’ an empty gesture that sounds the alarm bell to further increases next winter.

Mike Jeram, UNISON head of business and environment, said:

“It is chilling that companies such as SEE should announce these enormous half-year profits when families are being forced to take the hit for yet-another massive price hike.

“All eyes are on the energy companies, and the suggestion of price fixing will put a long-overdue spotlight on the practices of companies who line the pockets of shareholders while their customers freeze.

“SSE’s ‘commitment’ to cap energy prices until the second half of next year just means that, come Winter 2013, customers can expect more of the same shabby treatment, and yet another massive price hike.

“Where is the evidence of the government’s commitment to keeping energy prices down? As ever, it’s just more hot air being wasted in the corridors of power, when it would be better served keeping families, the vulnerable and the elderly warm.”