UNISON launches hard-hitting new ad campaign

‘People before profits’ is the hard-hitting message behind a new advertising campaign launched by UNISON, the UK’s largest union this week.

The thought provoking adverts are designed to warn people about the dangers lurking in government plans to privatise more of our public services, turning the public sector into a multi billion pound industry.

They feature images of people who depend on public services such as healthcare, policing and social care, each with a price tag on their heads, and call on the public to join the union’s campaign against privatisation.

The government’s drive to allow more private firms to profit from public services, means that the quality of services will worsen as companies put profits before people. Recent privatisation failures such as the G4S Olympics fiasco, the collapse of Southern Cross and the abuse of patients at Winterbourne View clearly demonstrate the huge damage that can be done when things go wrong.

The adverts are appearing in national print media, online and on billboards in major cities to coincide with the TUC demonstrations ‘For a Future That Works’ on October 20, taking place in London, Glasgow and Belfast.

Dave Prentis, UNISON general secretary, said:

“Our hard hitting new advertising campaign exposes the dangers lurking in government plans to sell off vital public services.

“Reports have shown that profit making care companies are less likely to meet minimum standards on care quality. Profits come before people and in services as important as the NHS, social care and policing, this cannot be allowed to happen. It will effectively put a price on the head of everyone who depends on outsourced services.

“The ads are timed to coincide with the TUC’s march for a Future That Works on October 20. We are calling on the government to ditch its risky privatisation policies, cut its no-hope austerity agenda and start building for a better future, and we want the public to join our campaign.”


Billboards will be seen in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Nottingham and London from 15-28 October.

Press ads will run in regional and national press in England and Wales in the days leading up to the TUC demo. Digital advertising will take the message online and on social media.