UNISON responds to NMC fee rise announcement

“The NMC has no excuse for raising registration fees now that it has been offered a £20m grant from the Government” warned UNISON, the UK’s largest union today.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has said that a fee rise for nurses is still ‘inevitable’, despite the grant.

Gail Adams, UNISON head of nursing went on to say:

“Nurses and midwives should not be made to pay the price for past management failures by the NMC. They have not had a pay rise in two years and the NMC wants to raise registration by 58% – where is the justice in that?

“The NMC must think very carefully about the impact that a massive hike in registration fees will have on nurses’ confidence in the ability of the NMC to trust that they have the best interest of nurses and patients at heart.”