New film exposes Barnet council’s £1bn gamble

A new film by acclaimed US director Charles Honderick makes its debut at London’s Phoenix Cinema today at 6pm. The film exposes the risks involved in local government outsourcing.

It shows how Barnet Council, which plans to outsource the majority of its services, is taking a billion pound gamble with taxpayer’s money.

The film also interviews residents of Barnet to reveal how the disabled, the elderly, local business owners and ordinary members of the community are being ignored. Parents with severely disabled children talk about their experiences and how the council refuses to provide suitable housing and care packages.

They explain how outsourced care provides charge as much as £1.20 for a cup of Nescafe in a church hall.

The film also shows how a well-loved local library was closed down and residents campaigning to retain the service were mislead by the council. The story has a happy, if unexpected end, when Occupy London reopened the library.

Award winning film director Ken Loach also talks about the dangerous effects of outsourcing on the local economy.

Full details on the film and on planned local screenings are at the film website.


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