No winners from government rowing back on net-zero policies

Meeting climate goals and greater support for those in need is vital

Responding to Rishi Sunak’s announcement today (Wednesday) that the government is delaying some important climate targets, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said:

“There’ll be no winners from this. Rowing back on net-zero goals could cost jobs, put up energy bills and damage the UK’s international reputation.

“The government should be helping everyone to meet existing climate targets and secure the country’s long-term future. Not abandoning them for short-term political gain to please some members of the Conservative Party.

“Reaching climate goals has to be a key priority, not a nice add-on when times are good. Investing in a green future creates jobs, grows the economy and brings longer-term savings.

“The prime minister should focus on more support for households least able to afford to make changes, without watering down commitments.

“There is, of course, a cost attached to this work, but the price of doing nothing is far greater.”

Notes to editors:
– UNISON is the UK’s largest union with more than 1.3 million members providing public services – in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

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