Through sun and rain – on the picket lines in Bristol

A chance to look back at a day on the picket lines in the South West

Ambulance picket in Bristol with UNISON flag

After an extraordinary day across England, with ambulance workers in five regions taking action on pay and highlighting the crisis in the NHS, it’s time to look back on the day’s events.

Here is a selection of photographs from two pickets in Bristol, at Lansdown Road and Croydon Street, taken by Nigel Goldsmith.

Email ambulance striker with UNISON placard saying 'Put pay right'

Two women on a picket line with a dog, and UNISON banners in the background.

Picket with UNISON flag waving to an ambulance passing by

Pickets with an ambulance

Two pickets, wrapped up against the rain, with UNISON flags, smiling

Two female pickets with umbrellas, smiling

Pickets in the rain, by a road

Two pickets, with placard and flag, waving at a passing car, which is blurred by its speed

Two male pickets with placard and flag

Pickets with two ambulances behind them, in the rain