The streets of London – pictures from the picket lines

On Wednesday’s day of industrial action in the ambulance service, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton toured pickets throughout the capital

Picket line at Waterloo ambulance station with UNISON head of health Sara Gorton

Wednesday’s day of strike action in the ambulance service, across England, saw pickets throughout London.

Touring the capital was UNISON head of health Sara Gorton – above, with pickets at Waterloo – moving from there, where she addressed massed ranks of news media, to sites including Deptford and Greenwich.

She was accompanied by photographer Marcus Rose, who recorded events.

Waterloo picket – sun shining through flags

Pickets at Waterloo attaching a sign to an ambulance to stress provision of emergency cover

Waterloo picket – UNISON head of health Sara Gorton being interviewed by media

UNISON ad van between two ambulances at Waterloo

Pickets at Waterloo with an ad van

Waterloo picket with 'honk for the NHS' handwritten placard

Sara Gorton addressing media at Waterloo picket

Flags waving on Waterloo picket

Three pickets with placard, around a brazier, at Deptford

Cyclist waving to pickets at Deptford

Pickets at Deptford applaud as emergency cover ambulance leave the station

Pickets at Deptford Show placards to passing traffic

Pickets at Deptford with 'honk your support' placard

Pickets at Deptford

Sara Gorton with pickets at Deptford

Sara Gorton talking to media at Deptford

Pickets at Greenwich stand clear as emergency cover ambulance leaves

Sara Gorton with UNISON flag, with pickets at Greenwich

Pickets at Greenwich greet two small dogs

Pickets at Greenwich with a brazier

Sara Gorton listening to a picket at Greenwich

Christina McAnea tours pickets in Yorkshire and the North East

Through sun and rain, on the picket lines in Bristol

#PutNHSpayright – our rolling covering from the day itself