Ending free tests is a foolish move, says UNISON    

Ditching all safety requirements is irresponsible

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s statement today (Monday) on the ending of Covid rules in England, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said:  

“The government has taken leave of its senses. Ditching every last Covid safety rule while thousands are still catching the virus every day is irresponsible.

“Ending free tests ​for the public is a foolish move. Most people will simply stop testing because they can’t afford to check ​their Covid status. ​Reforming the UK’s busted sick pay system is now a must.

“Anyone old or with a health condition ​making them vulnerable has been abandoned. The Prime Minister clearly cares more about saving his job than he does about public health. He’s decided to hold a national Covid party and everyone’s invited.

“There’s ​such a supreme irony in Boris Johnson telling the British people to take personal responsibility for their Covid behaviour.”

Notes to editors:
– UNISON is the UK’s largest union with more than 1.3 million members providing public services in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in the public, voluntary and private sectors.