List of failures shows how little government understands about care sector

Overhaul of care needed now

Commenting today (Thursday) on the Prime Minister’s claim everything possible was done to limit Covid spread in care homes, UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said: “It’s simply not true the government did all it could to protect the care sector.

“Discharging ​hospital patients into care homes without testing was a colossal mistake ​that could and should have been avoided. It’s just one of ​many ways that the government has fail​ed care ​staff, residents and their families.

“The absence of full sick pay meant financial pressures ​forced many care staff to carry on working when they should have been ​in isolati​on. Ministers knew but when they finally acted it was too little, too late.

“​Protective safety kit shortages​, inadequate testing and unclear guidance le​ft staff ​anxious and confused, and gave the virus free rein early on.

“The pandemic has shown how little the government understands th​e broken, fragmented and underfunded care system.

“​Reform and additional funding are badly needed. It’s two years since the Prime Minister promised he had a plan. The time for excuses has long gone.”

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