UNISON targets MPs in big week for the NHS pay campaign

‘Every day that passes without a pay rise is another day NHS staff are being told they aren’t valued by our politicians’

UNISON’s campaign for an immediate pay rise for health workers goes up a level this week – with a plea to the public and serious demands made of MPs. 

Had the government already agreed to a fair and reasonable pay rise of £2,000 for all health workers, this week NHS staff would be getting an extra £38.46 a week in their pay packets.

Instead, they have nothing.

The government’s delay means that, after leading the battle against COVID-19. more than a million health workers – including cleaners, porters, physiotherapists, 999 call handlers, nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants – must now wait until later in the year for a wage increase.

To make matters worse, the government is proposing a rise of just 1%.

That’s why UNISON and the other health unions are asking households across the UK to show their appreciation of NHS workers on Thursday 1 April, by putting colourful posters in their windows that support a proper NHS pay rise.

At the same time, UNISON is asking all its members, their families and friends to email their MPs, calling on them to do everything they can to deliver that pay rise without delay.

The aim is to have MPs return from their Easter breaks with inboxes full of messages about NHS pay.

The union will then be detailing their response – or lack of it – on its  NHS pay monitor website.

“Every day that passes without a pay rise is another day NHS staff are being told they aren’t valued by our politicians,” said head of health Sara Gorton.

“So, from 1 April we’ll not only be messaging our MPs in our thousands, we’ll be keeping track of every day that passes without an increase and every penny that’s being kept out of NHS workers’ pockets.

“With inboxes full of messages from the public and health workers, and all of us tracking MPs’ inaction, we can turn up the pressure on our politicians to stop the delays and secure a proper pay rise that shows NHS staff they are truly appreciated.”

Show support with a poster in your window

Send a message to your MP