Key workers ‘overlooked and underpaid’ says Starmer

There will have to be ‘a reckoning‘ after the coronavirus crisis, Labour leader adds in first TV interview.

screenshot of Keir Starmer on Andrew Marr Show

Keir Starmer singled out key workers for praise when he appeared in his first TV appearance as Labour leader, following his election at the weekend

“They very often have been overlooked, underpaid,” he said in his appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show. “And there’s got to be change. They were last and now they’ve got to be first.”

Turning to his new role, the Labour leader said the party has “got to be constructive, we’ve got to pull together, support the government where it’s right to do so, but asking those difficult questions.

“You can see where the difficult questions were asked on testing, things started to move.

“Scrutiny is important here. Because if scrutiny points out mistakes that can then be put right, it’s an important thing.

He also warned against the possible economic response after the crisis by saying: “We can’t have another decade of austerity.”