Care home death figures are shameful, says UNISON

Society needs to look at how it treats care

Responding to new figures released today (Wednesday) that show a steep rise in coronavirus deaths due to the inclusion of those in care homes, UNISON assistant general secretary Christina McAnea said:

“Care workers have been crying out for essential safety equipment, clear guidance and widespread virus testing for weeks. The risks have been plain to see and these new figures paint a stark picture of how the pandemic has been sweeping through residential homes across the UK.

“The most vulnerable people in society and the staff who look after them needed proper protection from the start.

“This is a source of national shame and another sharp reminder why society needs to look at how it treats the entire care system.”

​Notes to editors:
– UNISON is the UK’s largest union, with more than 1.3 million members providing public services – in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in both the public and private sectors.

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