Government pushes ahead with transfer of Welsh probation staff on 1 December

UNISON had called for transfer to be delayed until February while negotiations on terms and conditions continue

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The government has confirmed that it pressing ahead with transferring Welsh offender management staff to the National Probation Service (NPS) on 1 December – although negotiations on the transfer are not completed.

UNSION had called for the transfer to be delayed to February next year to allow the talks to be finished.

But the prison and probation service confirmed last week that offender management staff who are working for the Wales community rehabilitation company will move to the NPS on 1 December on their existing pay and conditions.

They will be the first to be transferred as the government reorganises the service in England and Wales following its failed privatisation.

Other staff in Wales are scheduled to be transferred to a proposed future private provider in 2021.

At the same time, probation staff in England will transfer either to the National Probation Service or private “innovation partners” that will be responsible for the direct provision of unpaid work and accredited programmes”.

Meanwhile, UNISON is still negotiating for strong protection protections on job security, pay and conditions, and pensions for all staff, regardless of where they may eventually be working under the government’s plans.

When the talks are completed, the final offer will be put to all affected members, with a ballot unlikely to take place until the new year.

lf members vote to accept the offer, it will be back-dated for those staff in Wales who transfer to NPS Wales on 1 December.