European health and safety week is coming

UNISON vows to protect key safety legislation and protections originating in EU law

Three reps with Health and Safety Guardian shields

Trade unionists across Europe will be highlighting health and safety next week as part of the annual European health and safety week, starting on 21 October.

UNISON head of health and safety Robert Baughan is calling on the union’s branches and activists to remind employers and members of the importance of safe working.

To help, the union has produced a top 10 list of activities branches and health and safety reps can undertake to raise the issues during the week, from carrying out a safety inspection to just talking about health and safety.

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This year, the week comes at a crunch time for Brexit.

“The UK’s future relationship with Europe hangs in the balance,” noted Mr Baughan, “with a reckless hard-right Conservative government determined to engineer an exit from the European Union that triggers a race to the bottom and the demolition of hard earned workers’ rights.

“UNISON is using the week to highlight the importance of European legislation on working hours, holidays, safer needles and a host of other European measures that have kept our members safe.

“UNISON will fight to save these protections should the UK leave the EU.”

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