Blog: Our union will continue to stand with the WASPI women

For many years, UNISON has been at the forefront of the campaign against pension inequality. We’ve fought alongside WASPI women – the millions who have lost out due to government changes to the state pension – both because of the huge number of UNISON members affected, and because they have been victims of a real injustice.

Recently the fight has gone to the courts. Yet today the High Court ruled against them. This is a terrible blow for the millions of women who will have been hoping for a very different outcome.

The decision to hike the state pension age with next to no notice didn’t just throw their retirement plans up in the air, it also left many women on lower incomes really struggling to make ends meet.

Now, almost a quarter of a century later, justice and the state pension that was so cruelly snatched away from them remain disappointingly out of reach.

It seems perverse that the Department for Work and Pensions had no obligation to inform these women of this significant change. But despite today’s decision women born in the 1950s will not give up their campaign to get back what they are rightly owed – and neither will UNISON.

Our union will continue to stand with the WASPI women until they get the long overdue justice they deserve.