Another legal victory for our union – and for thousands of NHS workers

Yesterday, our union won another fantastic legal victory, as the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of UNISON members on NHS overtime.

This is another huge success for our award-winning legal team, but more than that, this is a victory that will have a huge impact on the lives of tens of thousands of NHS workers. Thanks to this landmark victory, NHS workers who do overtime on a regular basis or frequently work beyond their normal shifts have secured the right to have these extra hours taken into account when their holiday pay is calculated.

Before this judgment, NHS workers who regularly worked overtime or worked well beyond their shifts saw their pay fall whenever they took a well-earned break – now, all of the hours they regularly work will be taken into account, an end to the holiday penalty suffered by these workers and thousands like them.

UNISON always believed that the rules around NHS pay already allowed for overtime and working beyond the end of a shift to be taken into account when calculating holiday pay. This is a victory for NHS workers who regularly go the extra mile to make sure we receive the best care possible at all times of the day and night.

Now it’s time to make sure they receive the pay they deserve.