Blog: UNISON will always stand with those facing the brunt of this government’s brutality

The ongoing chaos over Brexit has – understandably – dominated news headlines for months. Yet as a result, massive failings by this government which affect the lives of millions aren’t getting the attention or the criticism they deserve.

I’ve written before about the government’s disastrous handling of Universal Credit which has caused pain, suffering and untold misery.  I’ve been clear – Universal Credit needs to be halted and the problems fixed before more people suffer and lose out.

Last Friday, the High Court ruled that in some cases the way the government was calculating Universal Credit was flawed. UNISON first raised that problem in 2016, but it has taken a court case supported by CPAG to get the government to act.

Recently, the government announced another delay (of sorts). They implied they were acting compassionately, but a more likely explanation is that, they were simply trying to avoid another vote they might lose. Compassion would start by not making people wait five weeks to get their money or putting them in debt from day one.

Last week, they also announced that the hated “two child limit” would not be applied retrospectively for families who had three children before April 2017. That means some families will be spared – yet it’s simply not enough. The two-child limit is morally wrong and should be scrapped.

UNISON has campaigned from the outset for the limit to be abolished because it’s as unworkable as it is indefensible.

As the UK’s biggest union for women, we know that not all women have control of whether they become pregnant – especially if they’re in abusive or coercive relationships. Yet this government thinks it’s acceptable to punish those women and their children.

The two child limit doesn’t just need limiting, it needs ending. It’s another example of this malicious government’s war on the worst off – and UNISON will always stand with those facing the brunt of their brutality.

You can sign UNISON’s petition against the two child limit here.