Blog: Get ready for Grovember

Our union is the biggest in the UK, and thanks to our members, it’s also the best.

Ours is the union that defeated Employment Tribunal Fees, led the campaign for the minimum wage and fights each day to ensure public services get the support our communities need.

Our union’s size is one of our great strengths. Bringing our voices together to call out for change with one voice is so powerful. Whether you’re working in a town hall or a private care home, you are a public service worker and you need the strength of UNISON around you – and every voice we add to the chorus makes us all stronger, able to demand more and win more. That’s why we’re making November about growing our union – and we’re calling it Grovember.

We’ve come through the toughest years of public service cuts and kept our union strong. We did that by keeping our focus on organising, recruitment and high-profile campaigning. We have minimised the impact of austerity by recruiting more strongly than ever before, but job losses have still meant membership losses. But now we have the chance to turn the tide – and grow our union.

There won’t be any easy solutions or silver bullets, what we all have to do is make the small changes that add up to big gains for our union. It might be talking to your colleagues about joining us in UNISON, changes to how we sign up members or investing in organising, advertising and training. It won’t be easy, but it’s a task I know our special union is more than up to meeting.

Together, we can make small changes – and deliver big changes for everyone in our union.