Blog: The Tories have nothing new to offer

Yesterday the Prime Minister reshuffled her Cabinet. This was meant to be a game changer for the PM, but it has been an utter non-event. A few names of departments and ministers may have changed, but the grim reality of this government remains the same.

This was meant to be about showing the fresh and modern face of British Conservatism – yet all it has done is show that there is no such thing.

Hammond. Johnson. Davis. Fox. Hunt. That was the reality of the Conservative government yesterday and it remains the same now.

Theresa May is too politically damaged to leave things as they are and yet too weak to do anything that might make a meaningful difference. She is the titular head of a zombie government that shuffled onwards not through its own free will, but through a shared determination to avoid the inevitable.

The Prime Minister and her party have shown once again today that they have nothing new to offer. Her new year’s resolution should be to move aside, and give Labour a chance to govern in the interests of the many, not a dwindling Tory few.

This piece was first published at LabourList