Budget leaves public services ‘gasping for air’

There’s no actual money on the table

Commenting on the Budget today (Wednesday), UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “The Chancellor says he wants to make Britain ‘fit for the future’ – but his deeply disappointing Budget has left public services gasping for air.

“All public sector workers needed a real pay rise today, not yet another let down. Healthcare assistants, care workers, school receptionists and other public servants struggling to get by can’t survive on wages that bump along at the bottom while prices soar.

“This was a Budget to match the dull and gloom of a November day. The hopes of NHS staff may have been raised slightly, but there’s no actual money on the table.

“This is still a long way from the across the board pay rise needed to save our public services. The NHS is important, and so is every other part of the public sector.

“Dedicated public service employees deserve so much more than pats on the back. It’s time they and the hospitals, schools and councils they work for saw the colour of the Chancellor’s money. It’s time for the government to pay up now.”