UNISON comments on latest NMC figures on UK nurses leaving the NHS ‎

Commenting on the latest NMC figures, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said: “With both UK and EU nurses leaving, the NHS is heading towards a serious staffing crisis. The country simply isn’t training enough nurses to make up for those who are leaving. Scrapping the bursary and introducing tuition fees have only made matters worse.

“Many organisations, including the NHS pay review body have warned that the pay freeze was not sustainable. Nurses’ and midwives’ pay has been held down for too many years, despite demand for their expertise growing. So it is no surprise they are leaving the NHS.

“These figures should ring alarm bells in Whitehall. The government needs to come up with a new way to fund healthcare training.

“Ministers must also grant the automatic right to remain for the 30,000 EU workers in the NHS, as well as scrap the pay cap if they are serious about keeping patients safe.”

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