Blog: We will never be defeated by acts of cowardice and violence

Once again our country has been subjected to a cowardly act of terrorism. All of our thoughts today are with those affected and their loved ones. Today UNISON members, like everyone in our country, stand with them at this awful time.

These acts of violence on our streets seek to divide our communities and frighten us into disrupting or altering our way of life. They will fail. That’s clear from the brave actions of passers by and professionals alike in the aftermath of this appalling crime.

Once again those celebrating with friends have come under barbaric attack. Yet once again public servants have rushed to respond to the most dangerous and volatile situations – putting themselves in unknowable danger and working throughout the night in difficult circumstances. They are heroes today and every day and we are so proud to have them in our union.

London – like Manchester and our other great towns and cities – has faced such senseless attacks before and come back stronger and more resilient. Today and in the days ahead, the people of London will continue to live, work and love in this great city – and they will never be defeated by acts of violence and cowardice which seek to divide us.