Solidarity with Manchester – hatred will never triumph

All of us at UNISON are absolutely devastated by the news from Manchester.

This was a despicable and murderous act of terrorism designed to cause the maximum amount of pain and suffering. For someone to go to a concert and never return is unspeakably sad, but for this to happen at a concert where so many attending were children and young people is barbarism beyond words and comprehension.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected, those wounded, those still searching for loved ones and those grieving a terrible loss.

We also pay tribute to the incredible response of public servants in this time of incredible pressure and distress; to the staff who worked throughout the night to save lives, to those who rushed into work when they heard news of the attack and to those who will continue to put Manchester back together in the days and weeks ahead.

We could not be prouder to have them as part of our union.

It is already clear that the city of Manchester has come together with the love and solidarity for which it is famous. Strangers providing young people with a safe place to stay, taxi drivers taking people to safety and long queues at blood banks this morning,  all tell a simple but important story – that hatred will never triumph.