Blog: Young members are the present and future of our movement

This weekend, many of UNISON’s young members are coming together to talk about the future of our union, the future of public services and the future of our country.

As the present and future of our movement, young people have an absolutely vital role to play, and could not be meeting at a more crucial time.

The Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap general election has gone against all her previous statements. The outcome could quite easily be decided by young voters.

But too many are not registered, and too many that are do not use their vote.

That’s why in the days ahead we’re making it a priority to get members registered to vote – especially young members. That includes training at this weekend’s forum, literature being distributed to our regions and emails about the importance of making sure that everyone has their say.

Young people – especially those working in public services – have a unique perspective on our future priorities, both as a union and a country. They will live out the consequences of the decisions of generations that come before them – and so we must always listen to their voices and ensure they are heard.

That’s why this weekend’s forum is important – and it’s why it’s crucial to ensure young members put their crosses in boxes on 8 June.