Blog: Work in local government in Scotland? Vote to reject this pay deal

Years of austerity and cuts have placed our public services – and those who work within them – under unprecedented pressure. Local government has been hit particularly hard, with many local authorities struggling to provide key services in a climate where much more is expected with much less.

At the same time, local government workers aren’t being paid the wages they deserve for their vital work.

Council staff in Scotland are fighting against another below inflation pay offer from the employers.

Living standards have been squeezed whilst pay has not risen in line with the cost of living. That’s why UNISON has recommended that members vote to reject their final pay offer.

This is an important ballot.

It’s the first to take place under new and restrictive trade union laws, and it’s UNISON’s biggest consultative digital ballot – so we need as many eligible members as possible to vote.

There is a programme of email, texts and social media reminders going out over the next few weeks, and organisers and branches in Scotland are working hard to encourage UNISON members to participate through online voting.

So if you work in local government in Scotland, have your say and vote to reject this pay deal via And stand up for better wages for vital public services.

For further details and campaign resources please go to