Blog: The NHS is in crisis – there must be an urgent injection of cash now

Next week the government will be unveiling its latest budget. It’s absolutely vital that ministers give the NHS – our nation’s greatest achievement – the funding it so desperately needs. At present our services are facing a crisis. Staff already used to doing more with less are being pushed to the limit.

It’s not good enough for the government to say it is investing in the NHS when all around services are being cut back.

Ministers must accept responsibility for their failure to properly support health workers who are going flat out to cope with increased demands and fewer resources.

Refusing to guarantee the right to stay to tens of thousands of EU nationals who help keep the NHS going is only making things worse, especially when paired with the damaging and self-defeating abolition of the NHS bursary. At a time when our health service needs additional funds and staff to weather the oncoming storm, the government isn’t providing the NHS with either.

The NHS is in crisis. There has to be an urgent injection of cash now, and a proper plan for the future, guided by need. That’s why thousands will march through the streets of London on Saturday, raising their banners and their voices to oppose cuts, closures and privatisation – and to save our NHS.

When Philip Hammond stands up next Wednesday to deliver his budget speech, he must show he’s heard them, and the millions around the country who work in our NHS, need our NHS and value our NHS.

You can find more information on this week’s NHS march here.