If you’re working this Christmas – thank you

At this time of year, most people are thinking about having time off with their families for Christmas. The opportunity to have time off or relaxing with friends and family without the distractions of the modern world.

But many UNISON members don’t get to have Christmas off. Instead many of you will be providing vital public services that allow the rest of the country to have Christmas off. Whether you’re a hospital cleaner, porter,police staff, those working to keep our water and lights on member of catering staff, nurse, receptionist, homecare worker or any of the other public servants that keep the country functioning whilst we’re eating Turkey and watching telly – your dedication and sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed.

That’s one reason why we recorded a short video recently, giving members of the public an opportunity to thank those who work at Christmas for the benefit of all of us. Their words speak so clearly to the importance of public services.

The public says thank you

So whatever you’re doing this Christmas, have a happy one and a safe one. If you’re working this Christmas – thank you. And if not, I hope you get the rest you’ve all earned from a long year of supporting your communities at these difficult times.

Merry Christmas everyone and see you in 2017.