This week, let’s focus on making work healthy and safe for everyone

Being safe and healthy in our workplaces might seem like an obvious thing to expect – but that isn’t always the case. All too often work can be dangerous, unsafe and cause lasting health problems.

That’s why it’s so important that this week – European Health and Safety Week – we focus on making work healthy and safe for everyone, especially with many of us working for longer as our population ages – thanks to increased life expectancy, no default retirement age, raising state pension age, plus poor pension provision.

UNISON has a proud record of supporting health and safety reps in the workplace, and building positive relationships on these issues with employers – that’s why we’re handing out “High 5’s” to branches who are doing great work promoting health and safety in the workplace.

This week is a great opportunity to get members involved in this crucial work – and these are the kind of activities we’re recommending:

  • Inspect the workplace – or assist a new safety rep to do so – using our inspection materials.
  • Hold a union meeting to raise awareness and invite non-members
  • Carry out a body or risk mapping exercise – a simple, effective, and fantastic way to identify the areas of concern
  • Survey your workers and members to identify concerns.
  • Work with the employer to implement or develop policies and procedures relevant to concerns at work

Together we can make our workplaces safer for everyone – and this week is a great time to do it.