UNISON keeping our members safe is at risk in the upcoming EU referendum

UNISON has the best trained health and safety reps in the UK, with tens of thousands of members helping their colleagues in workplaces across the country every single day.

But UNISON keeping our members safe is at risk in the upcoming EU referendum.

Much of UK health and safety law is underpinned by European legislation, and covers areas that directly affect many of UNISON’s members, such as:

  • the hours you work;
  • risk assessments;
  • manual handling;
  • the provision of personal protective equipment;
  • the use of display screen equipment and highly hazardous substances;
  • safer needlesticks;
  • temperature at work.

If the UK leaves the EU, all this would be at risk.

What those who want Brexit call European red tape, UNISON calls essential health and safety legislation to protect the working lives of its members.

A clear example of this is Chris Grayling – government minister and prominent leave campaigner – who has vowed to slay “health and safety culture”.

That is why it is essential that UNISON safety reps, activists and members not only make sure they vote, but also campaign to get others to vote to remain in the EU.

Don’t gamble with your health and safety, vote Remain on Thursday.