The labour movement comes together for Remain

It was a pleasure to have the labour movement come together yesterday and speak with one voice – for remaining in Europe.

I joined general secretaries from unions representing millions of working people, the Labour shadow cabinet and Jeremy Corbyn to say unequivocally that if people value our economy, our working rights and our health service, they should vote next Thursday to remain in the EU.


There has been much talk among the chattering classes in recent weeks that Labour hasn’t been campaigning hard enough to stay in Europe – but if that’s the case it certainly wasn’t what I saw at the TUC yesterday. There was a real energy and conviction about the party – shared by all of us representing working people – that this is an argument that can be won.

As I said in my speech – the people of our country will make their biggest decision for a generation next week, and it will have a huge impact on public services and public sector employees for decades to come.

UNISON members are still suffering from the impact of the last financial crisis each and every day – and the brutal austerity measures of this government. The last thing any of them need is huge economic turmoil, more shocks and further cuts.

Don’t believe the lies of the leave campaign – when they say there will be more money for the NHS with their weasel words but make no real promises – vote to remain in Europe on 23 June, and don’t put the UK’s public services at risk.

Photo: Jess Hurd/TUC