Don’t forget to vote today

If you are reading this, you probably already know that UNISON is advocating a vote to Remain in the European Union today.

As we’ve said throughout this campaign, there are undoubtedly strong arguments both for and against the European Union.

That’s why our union asked our members what they thought our position would be – and they told us clearly that they wanted us to campaign to Remain.

This wasn’t a decision we took lightly – we have traditionally been a Eurosceptic union – but we firmly believe that it is the right decision.

For public services, including our NHS – we believe that the economic shock of Brexit would lead to more cuts, more pain and more harm.


And for rights at work – we believe that European membership guarantees so many protections that our members hold dear, like maternity leave, agency worker protections and curbs on long working hours.

I know that there will be UNISON members voting and campaigning passionately on both sides of this referendum.

Whatever the result, we’ll all need to come together tomorrow and fight for the better country we want to see, one that is fairer, where our public services are properly funded and working people get the proper rewards their work deserves.

I believe that we can have that better Britain inside Europe, but however you vote today, remember to exercise your democratic right and vote. Because you can be sure that those who work to undermine public services will be making their voices heard today.