As UNISON and Jeremy have argued – we should Remain and reform Europe

This morning, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed our national delegate conference.

As I said when I introduced him, the past year hasn’t always been easy – but he was amongst friends today – three thousand of us.

Jeremy made arguments that everyone in our union can unite behind. He made a passionate case against the privatisation of our public services – especially the NHS. He promised to repeal the dangerous and oppressive Trade Union Act. He made the case for a living wage – for every single worker, regardless of age.

But he also made an argument that is incredibly important this week of all weeks.

Jeremy said that we must Remain in Europe this week, and then fight to reform it – the argument that this union has been making throughout the campaign.

dave jeremy and liz STRONGER IN

As I said in my speech to conference yesterday, no-one would deny that there are arguments both for staying in Europe and for leaving. The European Union is not a perfect institution – as we all know, you don’t win better terms by walking away, you do that by staying and fighting for a better deal.

Tomorrow, UNISON members will be joining the rest of our communities in making this once in a generation decision. UNISON has weighed up the arguments – and for rights at work, public services and jobs, we believe that on balance staying in Europe is best.

But however you vote tomorrow, remember to use your vote and make your voice heard.