Time for Labour to unite and focus on getting rid of this government

The election results we’ve seen so far suggest this has been a tough night for Labour – especially in Scotland, but they are at least better than many had predicted.

The party must now get back to focusing on the issues that matter to working people and on getting rid of this government at the next general election. The baying hounds from across the Party now need to back off.

Public sector workers aren’t interested in Labour politicians bickering in TV studios or those who think that politics is a game. And local elections shouldn’t just be treated as a barometer of where parties are on the road to 2020.

These election results will have a direct impact on the work and home lives of teaching assistants, ambulance staff, hospital cleaners and other public servants, whose jobs are at risk of privatisation, while the services they provide are likely to face yet more cuts.

Labour must now unite behind a vision that can win in four years’ time and, in so doing, change this country for the better. There are millions of people across the country who need that to happen. And that’s what all Labour MPs should be focused on today.