Those with the most to lose in the EU referendum could be those who make all the difference

Young people are both more likely to support Britain remaining in Europe, and less likely to vote.

The turnout in the upcoming Europe referendum amongst young people will be decisive. It is their future that is on the line, and much of the power to decide the future of our country rests in their hands.

This is a once in a generation decision – but it’s not my generation that will bear the cost, it is the youngest voters. By choosing to stay in, they will be safeguarding not only their futures, but those of millions of others.

This week, our national young members’ weekend takes place in Leicester. Those representing 64,000 young workers will meet and I want to encourage all of UNISON’s young members to think carefully about what’s at stake and use their vote.

Young people, especially women, may feel disconnected from Europe but they have the most to lose if Britain Brexits. Parental leave, paid holiday, limits on excessive hours and the right to maternity pay are just some of the important benefits we receive from the EU which would be at risk if we left.

The youth vote could prove decisive in whether this country stays in or leaves the EU.

I’d urge young people who aren’t registered to vote to sign up today – it’s not too late to defend the rights that come with EU membership.

And those with the most to lose in this referendum could be those who make all the difference come 23 June.