Remember to use your vote – and use it to support UNISON members

Today, across our nation, everyone has a chance to vote and have their voice heard.

Elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly, London Mayor, Police and Crime Commissioner and a huge number of local council seats.

Every vote cast in every one of these elections will have a profound impact on the lives of UNISON members, their jobs and the services they provide. Each and every one of you has it in your hands to vote for the candidates who you think best represent you and your community, who will fight for well-funded public services and decent pay and conditions for those who provide them.

Of course there are too many people who treat politics as if it was a game, and that’s especially true when it comes to local elections. The results are often reviewed as a barometer of “who’s up” and “who’s down”, ignoring the very real difference that local authorities make in people’s lives.

But those of us who work with amazing public servants around the country – from police staff to care workers, from school cleaners to nurses – know what a difference these elections really make.

So remember to use your vote – and use it to support UNISON members, and the work they do for us each and every day.